Midnight Maniac(1992)

This is a three track MCD, that hit the record shops back in 1992. It was released by Count Orlok Music to support Hard Hammer Hits. It includes two different cuts of the song Midnight Maniac plus another previously unissued Batmobile track. Tracklist. Midnight Maniac I-- Midnight Maniac II-- Thinking About You Baby


The first release of Batmobile is the most famous Psychobilly Mini album ever. It includes just seven tunes, but most of them are true classics of the genre. Fast Neorockabilly with pure Psycho lyrics and Eric Haamers beating up his double bass. Charged with 100 % energy ,a great mix of horror and humor, simply a milestone of the genre. This is a "Must have". Highlights:  Frenzy, Scum Of The Neighbourhood , Bat Attack, Transsylvanian Express and  Love Disease.


The first real longplayer of  the Dutch Psychobilly trio. The opening track Bambooland was also used as the title theme for the "Klub Foot"- video/DVD. A little bit more of Rockabilly elements than on their "Batmobile" mini album, but neither less a great  album with fantastic rocking tracks. Highlights: Bambooland, Mission Impossible, Chasin´ and Cold Sweat.

Buried Alive !(1987)

Originally issued on two vinyl records with 3 songs on each side, "Buried Alive " contains demo tapes and live cuts from the years 1983-1987. Not known for its perfect sound or high quality, this album brings pure fun and raw Rockabilly energy to your home recording studio. The re-release on CD has four extra songs compared with the vinyl issue. Highlights: Calamity Man, Killers Crew, Bring All My Love and Mad At You

Bail Was Set At $6,000,000(1988)

This album is the one and only Batmobile album that was released by Nervous Records. This is old school Psychobilly at it´s best. Loaded with raw Rockabilly power, cool guitar solos, a hard slapping bass and great lyrics. And it´s loaded with tons of fan favorites too. Highlights: Kiss Me Now, Magic Word Called Love, Calamity Man, Shoot Shoot, Girls Girls Girls and 100 Pounds Of Trouble.

Amazons From Outer Space(1989)

"Amazons From Outer Space" ´s the 5th album of this Dutch Psychobilly act. Catchy and infectious melodies, these "Hard to believe"- lyrics combined with a fantastic, clean slap bass and guitar sound make this one another stand out. Highlights: Ice Rock, Ravin´ Women, Amazons from Outer Space and Sex Rays.