Robot Riot 7´´(1984)

This is the legendary first Frenzy release dated back to 1984. All three songs were played by the original lineup, including Simon Brand on guitar. The 7´´ single was limited to 500 copies and was released by Cat Machine Records. There´s also another Robot Riot single in existence, that is backed by Cry Or Die. Track list: Robot Riot--Sweet Money--Frustration.

Robot Riot 12´´ (1984)

This is the 12´´ release of Robot Riot, that followed the 7´´ pressing, but with another track list. The 12´´ was released by Nervous Records. The last song of this EP was the eponym for Simon Brand´s next band Torment. Track list: Robot Riot--All Alone-- Cry Or Die--Torment.

I See Red(1986)

This is another classic vinyl release from the mid-80´s, released by ID Records. This is the 12´´ pressing that includes three songs. I See Red was also released as two song 7´´ single. Track list: I See Red--Whose Life--Don´t Give Up.

Nobody´s Business(1986)

This is the second outtake from the Clockwork Toy album. The song was chosen for the Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation album too. Track list: Nobody´s business (but mine)--Mexican Radio---Misdemeanor-In My Prison.

Hall Of Mirrors(1985)

This is another masterpiece from the heyday of Psychobilly. Fast Rockabilly meets pure Psycho lyrics. Steve Whitehouse proved that he ranks among the best artists with the stand up bass." Hall Of Mirrors" is the only Frenzy album that also features co-founder Simon Brand, who later went on to  form Torment. Highlights: Schitzophrenic Emotions, Asylum Moves, Skeleton Rock, Wound Up and the great cover version of  Surfin' Bird.

Clockwork Toy(1986)

"Clockwork Toy" is the second album released by Frenzy and also their biggest commercial success. The album hit the Top 10 of the UK Independent Charts. The album was originally published by Nervous Records and is loaded with fan favorites. Hard slappin´ Whitehouse and real catchy songs make this one another "Must have". Highlights: I See Red, Misdemeanor, Nobody´ s Business and the cover version of Wall Of Voodoos´s Mexican Radio

Live At The 100 Club (1988)

Brilliant live recording from one of the genre´s most popular outfits. The tracks were recorded at the famous 100 Club in September 1986. Interestingly the band also used a sax on several tracks. Among the highlights are wild rockin´ versions of Indie Chart hit singles I See Red and Robot Riot. Other outstanding tracks are fan favourites Misdemeanor and Clockwork Toy plus a performance of the G-Men classic Gotta Go!.