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You´re So Fine (1983)

Legendary Big Beat 7´´ EP. The Guana Batz were in their very beginning and feature Mick White on the e-bass. The single had a short appearance in the UK Independent Charts too. Track list: You´re So Fine--Rockin´ In My Coffin--Jungle Rumble--Guana Rock.

The Cave(1984)

Second 7´´ single from the Batz, also published by Big Beat. It marks the last time, that they´ve worked with the original lineup. Track list: The Cave--Werewolf Blues.

Seetrough (1986)

This is another big hit for the Guana Batz. The 12´´ only EP release reached the Top 5 of the UK Independent Chart in March 1986. The vinyl includes three tracks and was published by ID Records. Tracklist: Seetrough-- Batman-- B Side Blues.

Loan Shark(1986)

Classic Guana Batz 7´´ single release from 1986. Both songs are 1:1 extractions from their second album of the same name. Tracklist: Loan Shark--Radio Sweetheart.

I´m On Fire(1986)

This is one of the best selling Psychobilly single releases ever. It´s a Rockabilly cover version of the very popular Bruce Springsteen song and was available as a 3 track 12´´ vinyl as well as on classic two track 7´´ format. Tracklist: I´m On Fire--Tiny Minds--Baby Blue Eyes.


Held Down To Vinyl...At Last (1985)

Originally issued on vinyl in 1985, "Held Down ...At Last " hit the top of the  UK Independent Charts and catapulted the Guana Batz to the top of the circuit. This is just another legendary recording, that you "Must have". A true classic of the Psychobilly genre. Highlights: Down The Line, Can't Take The Pressure, King Rat and Nightmare Fantasy.

Loan Sharks(1986)

"Loan Sharks" was another huge commercial success for the Guana Batz. The album reached No.2 of the UK Independent Charts. The outtakes Loan Shark and  I´ m On Fire also sold well. Though it´s loaded with covers versions, the most popular tunes are Loan Shark and Pile Driver Boogie. Other highlights are Slippin´In, Live For The Day and No Particular Place To Go.

Rough Edges(1988)

The 3ed studio album from the Batz. It features  Diddle on drums for the last time. Uptempo Rockabilly meets Pip´s versatile voice and Sam Sardi´s stunning skills with the double bass. The record was original printed on red vinyl. Among the highlights are a fast cover version of Buddy Holly´s Rocking Around With Ollie Vee, Open Your Mouth, Fight Back and Bring My Cadillac Back.

Electra Glide In Blue (1990)

The 4th album of the British psychobilly heroes surprises with an excellent mix of Country and Neorockabilly tunes with canny used Psychobilly details, charactarised by Stuarts rough guitar and Pips roaring voice.
The novelty of that work is Stuarts efforts to sing some tracks. Not half bad, but Pips voice and the music of Guana Batz is a perfect symbiosis, isn’t it? Don’t take it amiss Stuart, “Lover Man” is a good song anyway (if you ever read this).
Other favourites are “Texas Eyes”, “Take a Rocket” and the fresh sounding instrumental “Stylin”. (written by BM)

The Peel Sessions (1996)

This is a brilliant collection of Guana Batz songs, that were all recorded for Radio One´s John Peel Show in 1984 and 1985. Some of the songs were recorded with e-bass (Mick White), other tracks include Sam Sardi on the doghouse bass for the first time. The CD includes 16 tracks, a nice blend of best known cover versions and some of their early classics. Highlights: King Rat, Zombie Walk, No Particular Place To Go, Rockin´ In My Coffin and  Nightwatch.