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Zulu Beat(1982)

Legendary 12´´ single release from 1982. It´s also available as a 7´´ single, backed by Rockin´ Kurt. That´s how the legend of the rat has started. The 12´´ EP was originally released by Thin Sliced Records. It´s available with different vinyl colors and different colored sleeves. Track list: Zulu Beat--Rockin´ Kurt-- Ghost Riders In The Sky--Oedipus Rex.

Destination Zululand(1983)

This is the second single release by King Kurt, this time published by Stiff Records. The 12´´ single includes three tracks( two different versions of Destination Zululand). Track list: Destination Zululand-- Destination Zululand-- She´s As Hairy.

Mack The Knife(1984)

Great adaptation of Brecht´s famous track. The song was distributed on both sizes as 7´´ or 12´´ single.  There´s also a picture on the inside of the cover. Tracklist: Mack The Knife-- Wreck-A-Party Rock.

Road to Rack` n´ Ruin(1985)

Another very popular single release from King Kurt´s productive years with Stiff Records. The song Road To Rack` n ´Ruin appeared on the Big Cock album about a year later. Track list: Road To Rack` n ´Ruin-- Poppa Wobbler .


Two track single release from 1985. The 12´´ EP includes two versions of Back To The Dole. You have to lift the needle of your record player to get to the live version. Tracklist: Billy--Back On The Dole.


Ooh Wallahwallah (1983)

The first longplayer of King Kurt, released back in 1983. A real unique album that brings you some hundreds hours of fun, if you don´ t play it at your own party! "Ooh Wallahwallah " shows you the other side of Psychobilly: electric bass & sax & a very special kind of humor. The highlights  are Gather Your Limbs, Zulu Beat, Do The Rat , Destination Zululand and Wreck-A-Party Rock.

Big Cock(1986)

"Big Cock" is another classic from one of the most successful Psychobilly bands ever. Like the forerunner this album contents couple of anthems and fan favorites. The fantastic voice of Smeg combined with the typical King Kurt sound makes this one another stand out. Highlights: Billy, Road To Rack`n´Ruin, Momma Kurt ,Horatio and Alcoholic Rat.

Live And Rockin´ (1989)

12 track album from the" Live And Rockin´ " series, which´s  best known for its poor quality and bootleg atmosphere. The CD release includes three more tracks. Highlights: She´s As Hairy, Billy, Banana Banana, Lonesome Train and Horatio

Destination Demoland (1990)

This is a 12 track compilation of demo cuts, originally released on Link Records back in 1990. The album was distributed nearly three years after the band´s first split. Solid album, but not as spectacular as their regular early vinyl releases. Highlights: ´67 Heaven, Stomp, Momma Kurt, Zulu Joe and their unforgettable interpretation of Bye Bye Baby.

Poor Man´s Dream (1994)

The legend of the rat continued in 1994 and the band released another album, this time on Demon Records. Most of the fourteen tracks have got some Country / Hillbilly roots, but they were all refined with the band´s  usual blend of RnR, wild attitude and humour. Simply great stuff. Highlights: Train Kept-A- Rollin´, Too Much Of A Good Thing, Friends, Hey Mister Bartender and Howdy- We´re Your Neighbours!.