My Generation(1988)

This is the Krewmen´s first recording after Mark Cole´s departure. It´s a 12´´ four track EP, released by Lost Moments. It includes two cover versions and a new recorded version of the "Night Of  The Living Dead".  Tracklist: My Generation--Night Of The Living Dead--Beat The Devil--Long Legged Girl.

Do You Wanna Touch(1988)

Second straight 12´´ single from the reformed Psychobilly act. It also includes two cover versions and two tracks, penned by McMillan. Tracklist: Do You Wanna Touch--Legend Of The Piper--Nightmare Man--Steppin´Stone.


The Adventures Of The Krewmen (1986)

" The Adventures Of The Krewmen " is one of the most outstanding Psychobilly recordings of all time .If  I  have to go on a lonely island and I can only carry three records with me, this one is among them. Perfect sound, perfect songs, perfect slap bass, perfect lyrics...Every song is for the highlight reel. The best of the best are The Bug Of Planet Zee , Nightshift Blues, Guy Fawkes , Bus Stop, Don´t Give A Toss and The Hell Train.

Sweet Dreams(1987)

The second straight excellent album from the Krewmen. The unique voice of Mark Cole and McMillan´s guitar and songwriting abilities makes "Sweet Dreams" another true classic of the genre. This album contains absolutely no weak track.  Highlights: You´ve Got It, Sweet Dreams, El Toreador, Snake Man and You Lied.

Into The Tomb(1987)

" Into The Tomb" is the  third straight "Must Have" album of the Krewmen. This was the last album that featured Mark Cole. This album includes another handful of Psychobilly classics , most of all a superb version of the Clash´s Should I Stay Or Should I Go( covered by more than a dozen other Psychobilly bands too). Other Highlights are Let Loose, Public Enemy Number One, Curse Of The Pharaohs, I´m Not Dead and Swamp Club Ball.

Plague Of The Dead(1988)

This is the first Krewmen album after Mark Cole´s departure. "Plague Of The Dead" is loaded with cool cover versions and horror loaded Psychobilly lyrics. The sound reminds you a little bit of "Into The Tomb", though Mark Cole departure can´t be completely compensated. Besides from the real cool cover versions of Stepping Stone and My Generation ,the highlights are The Clock, I Can´t Stop and the Legend Of The Piper .

Curse Of The Graveyard Demon (1988)

This is a " Best of " Krewmen format, that was manufactured and distributed by Scyclad Records for the US market only. All twelve tracks  originally appeared on previously issued Krewmen material and are one-to-one outtakes from their original albums. Interestingly Mad Dog Cole does not appear on the song-writer credits and wasn´t even  mentioned as vocalist, despite the fact that he sings on most of the tracks. Anyway, this is a nice album for taking a first look on the band. Highlights are The Clock, The Hell Train, Let Loose, Wild Dogs Of Zoberon and El Toreador.