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The LYRIX section is growing bigger and bigger. You can find more than 200 Psychobilly lyrics for the moment, sorted by band. I´ve chosen the lyrics of Psychobilly classics and of my favorite tunes. I don´t have chosen any cover versions. If you´ re looking for the lyrics of 50´s / 60´s cover versions, please link to can find there nearly everything , which was recorded originally in the 50´s / 60´s & some Neorockabilly stuff.
The lyrics are protected copyright of the respective band / bandmembers. 
 Missing something? Wait for updates!
Help needed! It´s really difficult to find all the stuff I´m looking for. If you got some lyrics (esp. Torment, Krewmen, Guana Batz, Flintstones...) please send me via email! Thanx!
Do you have discovered some miscues (oops!!!)? Sorry, I´ m from Germany! Send me the correct words/lyrics via email for correction. Thanx!
Cheers  & Beers to Las Vegas and " freelancer " Arin Cyr for the lyrics of Hell Train and Night Shift Blues plus all the other Krewmen klassics, RADIUM CATS, PHARAOHS, SHARKS and some TORMENT stuff.
Special thanx to Paul Roman for the lyrics of... --Pack Our Bags & Go--Clone-USA--What Will They Say-- Nine Lives--Puttin´ Out The Flame--You´re The Scene and all the other stuff!!!
Thanx to Lord Herbert Sarongster for the lyrics of...-Sarno Fever
Thanx To Phil for the lyrics of... --Bus Stop and some METEORS stuff!!!
Very special thanx to the "Sam Phillips of Psychobilly": Roy Williams for the lyrics of...-- Uncle Sam
Special thanx to Scotty for the KING VOODOO lyrics !
Special thanx  to Jo for the Zululand lyrics
Another thanx  to Rich for the SHAKEOUT lyrics
Thanx & cheers to Perry Bartlett for Rochee Is A Monster
Last but not least: Merci beaucoup to Howard Raucous for  the GO-KATZ stuff!
Best regards and mucho gracias to Mark Kelf for the FIREBALL XL 5 lyrics!
Thanx To Mark Denman and The Long Tall Texans Forum for the LONG TALL TEXANS lyrics 
Thanks for the mail & the lyrics of Innocent Look to Kelly
Besten Dank an Bernd für die TALL BOYS lyrics und mehr
Cheers to John for POPEYE´s DIK lyrics.
Special thanx to Phil for the LUCKY DEVILS lyrics !
Cheers & Biers to Tony for Werewolf Bitch


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