Meteor Madness(1981)

This is the most wanted collectible item among Psychobilly records. It´s the soundtrack to the short movie of the same name and the first Psychobilly release ever. Originally released by ACE Records as a 7´´ four track EP in early 1981. There are probably five different pressings in existence. Tracklist: Voodoo Rhythm--Maniac Rockers From Hell--My Daddy Is A Vampire--You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down.

Radioactive Kid(1981)

Second straight classic 7´´ release from the Kings of Psychobilly. It includes two songs, one song (Radioactive Kid) with Nigel Lewis on vocals, the other one (Graveyard Stomp) with Fenech. The first pressing was distributed by  Chiswick Records. Tracklist: Radioactive Kid--Graveyard Stomp.

The Crazed(1981)

This is the only single release from the In Heaven album and  the last official Meteors EP with both Fenech and Lewis. It´s a Lost Island Record release from 1981. Tracklist: The Crazed--Attack Of The Zorchmen

Clapham South Escalators (1981)

Legendary side project of the original Meteors lineup. The session was taken after the recordings for the In Heaven album. The 7´´ vinyl includes three tracks and was released by Upright Records back in 1981. The songs Leave Me Alone and Get Me To The World On Time were reissued on the Teenagers From Outer Space album. Collector´s item! Tracklist: Leave Me Alone-- Get Me To The World On Time-- Cardboard Cutouts.

Mutant Rock(1982)

This is a two track 7´´ single from 1982. It includes two of the best known Meteors songs from that era. Curiously enough the single was distributed again four years later, this time with two more songs on 12´´ format. Tracklist: Mutant Rock--The Hills Have Eyes

I´m Just A Dog (1984)

This is the supporting 7´´ single release for the Stampede album. It reached # 3 in the UK Independent Chart where it remained for a astonishing 4 months. Tracklist: I´m Just A Dog-- Electro.

Fire, Fire (1985)

This 7´´ was distributed as a double A sided single by Mad Pig Records in May 1985. The AA side is the psychobillied tale of the Rock`n´ Roll standard Little Red Riding Hood, originally recorded by Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs in 1966. Tracklist: Fire, Fire-- Little Red Riding Hood.

Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit(1987)

This is another very popular Meteors single, dated back to their Anagram years . Originally issued as both 7´´ and 12´´ release. The 12´´ vinyl also includes the song Corpse Grinder. Tracklist: Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit--Dateless Night.



In Heaven(1981)

This is without doubt the first Psychobilly longplayer. The Meteors were still in their original lineup. The typical Rockabilly lyrics have vanished without a trace and were replaced with stuff like: "Find a wall and bang my head then I’ll shout so loud I’m gonna wake up the d-e-a-d". This is the first milestone in Psychobilly´s  history of albums. All tracks are true classics of the genre. Highlights: Shout So Loud, Attack of the Zorch Men, The Crazed, Maniac, Psycho for Your Love and The Room.


"Wreckin´Crew" is just another Meteors album loaded with classic tracks. Originally released by ID Records in 1983, the album topped the UK Independent Chart in the same year. This is simply another album, that can´t be missed in any well-assorted Psychobilly album collection. I Don't Worry About It - one of the most popular anthems of the genre- appeared on "Wreckin´Crew" for the first time. Other highlights are I Ain't Ready, Blue Sunshine, Wreckin' Crew and Insane.

Live (1983)

This is a helluva record. This is not only the first Meteors live album, but also the first ever Psychobilly album, that features a live gig. Sixteen tracks loaded with pure, original wild Psychobilly power and Fenech on top of his form. The album, which was originally issued by Wreckin´ Records in 1983, is also available together with Live II as CD re-release. The best of the best are Maniac Rockers From Hell, Ain´t Gonna Bring Me Down, Sick Things, I Don´t Worry About It and Mutant Rock.

Stampede! (1984)

This is the 3ed Meteors studio album, released on PP Fenech´s new formed Mad Pig Records. Fenech took all lead vocals duties and  a production role for the first time. The original release- that reached # 6 in the UK independent Chart- contains 14 tracks, including the single outtakes I´m Just A Dog and Stampede. Highlights: Hoover Rock, Electro, Stampede, I´m Just A Dog and Michael Myers.

Monkey´ s Breath(1985)

"Monkey´s Breath" is the fifth Meteors studio album. It includes a couple of previously issued songs and new material. Most of the tunes are lesser known Meteors stuff. Originally released on vinyl, this album is also available on CD together with the 1984 released "Stampede". Highlights are Alligator Man, Ain´t Gonna Bring Me Down, Just The Three Of Us and Meat Is Meat

Sewertime Blues (1986)

Solid collection of Meteors tracks from 1986. The album is still one of the most demanded Meteors stuff. The album is also available together with the " Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit " on a single CD. It includes two splendid cover versions of Vibrate and Surf City. Other highlights are Mind Over Matter, Return Of The Ethel Merman and Never Get Away.

Live II - Horrible Music For Horrible People By This Horror-ble Band (1986)

Second live album from the Psychobilly originators. The longplayer is a great and powerful live gig from 1985 and comprehends 12 tracks including a bunch of rare Meteors performances like the covers of Rock House or Jack Earls´ Rock Bop. Other highlights are Mutant Rock, M.Myers, Voodoo Rhythm and Long Blonde Hair.

Teenagers From Outer Space(1986)

This album was released on vinyl in 1986 for the first time. It features tracks from singles / EPs from the Meteors´ very beginning 1980-1982 including the complete Meteor Madness EP, when the Meteors were carried by both Fenech and Lewis. This is a very nice collectible, because it´s really hard and expensive to get the original released  EPs & singles these days. Highlights: Voodoo Rhythm, Maniac Rockers From Hell, Graveyard Stomp, Radioactive Kid and Blue Sunshine.

Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit(1987)

" Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit " includes the two popular single outtakes Go Buddy Go and Don´t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit. It ranks there with the better known Meteors stuff. The album is typical Meteors standard and at least a solid Psychobilly production. Highlights: Wildkat Ways, Psycho Kat and You Crack Me Up.

Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly (1988)

Brilliant and very entertaining collection of Meteors anthems from the years 1981-1988, that were all new recorded by the 1988 Meteors line up for this particular Anagram release. Thepopular sleeve design gained fame with all the buried (best known ) bands on the left and right of the Mutant Monkey. The album also was the start of the O.T.M.A.P.P. hype. The best of the best are Voodoo Rhythm, Graveyard Stomp, Blue Sunshine, Michael Myers, Fire Fire and Surf City.

From Beyond (2003)

This is a very early Meteors live gig, originally recorded on March, the 17th 1982. These awesome recordings are the oldest Psychobilly live tracks that has been released up-to-date. Simply a piece of Rock `n´ Roll / Psychobilly history. The wild, brute rockin´ set includes most of their very early classics and the performance also includes Fenech and Lewis on the top of their form. Outstanding are their performances of Shout So Loud, Teenagers From Outer Space, Into The Darkness, Voodoo Rhythm, Another Half Hour Till Sunrise, The Hills Have Eyes, Love Me and Let It Slide.

The Lost Album(2004)

If you´ re interested in the roots and the development of Psychobilly music this is a "Must have". The tracks are demo recordings, dated back to 1980 (Pre-"In Heaven"). Based on a solid Rockabilly fundament , it marks the first experiments of Lewis and Fenech with Psycho. This historic session is the earliest Meteors / Psychobilly stuff available till now . Highlights: I Don't Worry About It, Psycho For Your Love, The Room, Red Headed Woman and Crazy Crazy Lovin'.