Hey you Katz! Have A Rockin New Year  in 2007!
Thanks to all the people who have already supported this site. I´m really surprised about the great  & positive response, that I have received since the very first day Old School Psychobilly is up and running. Cheers to all you WRECKERS, DRUNKABILLIES  & OLD SCHOOL PSYCHOS. I will  answer all your mails, though it can a few days going to take.
A very special thanks to all the people who made a contribution to these pages. Firstly all the artists, who spend some time to answer silly questions to make the INTERVIEWS section possible at all, all the kats, from all over the world, who helped me with the TORMENT TRIBUTE thing- you know who you are- , all the mail-ins for information, questions and suggestions and last but not least Arin and Bernd and all the others for their help with the LYRICS section.  
This is the new styled UPDATES section. The updates will be now sorted by topic with date data for a faster look what´s new on this web space.

           10/19/2006: Even more photos. This time I was able to add three photos from a Torment gig, that was probably the last gig ever, that included Simon Crowfoot. Big thanks to Garr.

          10/29/2006: I´ve added the lyrics of Pass It On and more photos in the gallery.

          11/17/2006: I´ve finally could add some more Torment lyrics. Thanx to AC from LV.

         12/04/2006: The second part of the Torment Story is up & running.

         12/31/2006: You can find new photos in the TORMENT gallery. I ve added them in the OTHER GIGS section.

          01/27/2007: I´ve added some more photos and the lyrics of Torment. Thanx to Psycho Johnny Red and Arin.

         02/03/2007: The 3ed and final part of the Torment story is up & running.


         02/15/2007: The latest PSYCHO NEWS update is up & running. 


         04/28/2006: The Caravans discography was updated with their new release "No Mercy".  

         06/15/2006: The Coffin Nails biography has been added.

THE RECORDINGS                                

          11/07/2006:Two reviews of some more footage. I´ve added The Frantic Flintstones Story and the Psycho- Mania compilation DVD.

          11/09/2006: I´ve added The Termites into the RECORDINGS section. I ve also added two more albums by Restless and The Rattlers respectively.

          11/19/2006: You can find two more bands in this section. I´ve added Cyclone ( Italia) and the Zombie Ghost Train (Australia).

          11/25/2006: I´ve added another Caravans album. You can find Treasures & Trash in our RECORDINGS section. Another newcomer in this section are The Blubbery Hellbellies with their first two releases. 

          12/17/2006: You can find album reviews from two more French Psychobilly outfits in this section now. I´ve added the Lucky Devils and the Wampas.

           01/16/2007: I´ve add two more legendary recordings from the Sting-rays ( Dinosaurs ) & The Meteors (Clapham South Escalators EP) respectively.

           01/17/2007: The latest add-on includes the Rednecks EP and a couple of releases by the Hillbilly Headhunters.

           02/07/2007: I´m bloody working on a revised version of this section. I´ve also introduced a more detailed rating system. The latest add-ons are volume 1 and 2 of the Blood On The Cats compilation series.


         12/09/2006: This new section will introduce releases that feature some sort of coverage of the Psychobilly movement in any form. The first add-ons are two books from Craig Brackenridge and Alan Wilson.

         02/07/2007: The next add-ons are the DVD Psychobilly- Behind The Music and the record guide Vinyl Dementia -Part 1.


        11/21/2006: I´ve added more lyrics from the Lucky Devils. Thanks to Philou for help.

        12/03/2006: I´ve finally added the lyrics of Werewolf Bitch, another Psychobilly classic from The Coffin Nails. Thanks to Tony for the help.

        12/17/2006: The latest add-on are some lyrics from the Radium Cats.

        12/19/2006: The Pharaohs and Sunny Domestozs were added. Thanks again to Arin.

        12/31/2006: You can find more Krewmen and Sharks lyrics in the LYRIX section.

        01/24/2007:I ve added more Radium Cats, Guana Batz, Ricochets and Sharks lyrics. Cheers& thanks to Las Vegas. 

        01/27/2007: More lyrics from Frantic Flintstones and Frenzy.


         10/11/2006: I´ve talked with Batmobile guitarist and vocalist Jeroen Haamers about future releases, the Klub Foot days and his latest side project called Triple Dynamite. Check it out. 

         11/01/2006: Check out our latest interview with Mark "Mad Dog" Cole, spectacular vocalist of  the Krewmen.

         11/25/2006: I´ve talked with Francois Besson from the Bang Bang Bazooka about the band, future plans and a lot of other stuff. Check out the Interview section.

         01/02/2007: The latest interview is up & running. This time we did it with Tony Szajer, original vocalist of the Coffin Nails.

         01/25/2007: Our new interview with Phil from The Lucky Devils is up & running.

         02/12/2007: A new interview is online. This time we talked with book author / Psychobilly musician Craig Brackenridge about his book releases, Psychobilly and The Rednecks.


         07/10/2006: New links to Rock-A-Billy Mafia and Borderline Fanzine.          

         07/23/2006: New links to the Psychobilly Covers Page and Cherry Red Records.

         09/20/2006: New links to The Cramps and The Caipyranhas. I ´ve also added links to Die In Style and Papajupe´s Gig and Party service called Psycho Attack.

         09/25/2006: New link to the Psychobilly Orchestra X. Check them out on My Space.

         01/11/2007: New links to the Washington Dead Cats, Zombie Ghost Train and the wonderful world of the ABC Club (alcohol, bollocks and chevys!)

         01/24/2007: There´s a new link to Mad Dog Cole up & running.

         02/05/2007: I´ve removed some dead links.