A Rockin´ New Year 2007 to all of you! Stay Wild! Stay Psycho !
A very special thanks to all the people who made a contribution to these pages. Firstly all the artists, who spend some time to answer silly questions to make the INTERVIEWS section possible at all, all the kats, from all over the world, who helped me with the TORMENT TRIBUTE thing- you know who you are- , all the mail-ins for information, questions and suggestions and last but not least Arin and Bernd and all the others for their help with the LYRICS section.  
Meteors co-founder, ex-Tall Boys /Escalators Nigel Lewis has released an official statement on the webspace of Die In Style where he announced the split of his current outfit Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen, due  to personal reasons. The band´s performance at the 20th Satanic Stomp in Speyer will be their last gig ever. For the complete announcement click to....            DIE IN STYLE.
The Bedlam Breakout is back. The Psychobilly all day event will be held at the Soundhouse, Northampton, UK on April, the 28th 2007. The final lineup will include the Long Tall Texans, The GRIT, Shakeout, the Hangmen and the Go-Katz plus many more. For details check.......  BEDLAM BREAKOUT 3.
There´s another interview online here on this webpages. I talked with Psychobilly book author and Rednecks front man Craig Brackenridge aka Bracko about underrated bands, his book debut Let´s Wreck and forthcoming release of his Psychobilly reference book on Cherry Red........       BRACKO INTERVIEW.
The Termites have signed a record deal with Germany´s Crazy Love Records. The new album will be probably released by mid 2007. For a listen to some new tracks are online go to....... TERMITES
  Mark Mad Dog Cole will continue his musical career after nearly 20 years of silence and has already signed for the 20th Satanic Stomp in 2007. The new lineup of his new outfit Mad Dog Cole is Jim Jeffries (g), Paul "Choppy" Lambourne (b), Lee Barnett (d) and Mark Mad Dog Cole (v). Some demo tracks are online on their official MySpace page.......   MADDOG´ s BACK.
The Meteors will release their new album Hymns For The Hellbound very soon. It will include 12 brand new recordings. For more details click ......       THE KINGS OF PSYCHOBILLY.
There´s a new Psychobilly online radio station in the making. It will be scheduled to work on a regular, daily base in early February. If you wanna sign your own band to be played, please contact for more details . Anybody interested in listening, should download  a special record player for top quality sound from here....DOWNLOAD PLAYER. Just check it out.......   PSYCHOBILLY RADIO
Here´s the latest news regarding The Surfin´ Wombatz reunion. The band is currently in the process of preparing and recording
their new CD ,entitled   ONLY GHOULS AND CORPSES.  There may also be a special EP released before their upcoming tour entitled   DR SATHANS HOUSE OF TERROR  , this will contain previously unreleased material from the good old days of psycho fun.
The band should be touring in the next few months on their WEREWOLVES OF LONDON/ROCK AND HORROR SHOW  featuring all the old favourites and some special guest stars as well. I will keep you updated......
Chuck Harvey and his Frantic Flintstones are back on track. After suffering a lung collapse at the end of last year, Chuck & the boys will release a new album very soon and the first tour dates for 2007 have also been announced. Muh it all out.......     CLICK.
Old School Psycho ferrets out Tony , original vocalist of UK Psychobillies Coffin Nails and he also did answer some questions for an exclusive interview. We talked about the good ole days, his departure from the band and his latest visit at a Coffin Nails gig. All this and more....         INTERVIEW.
The 20th Satanic Stomp will take place in Speyer, Germany from 6th to 8th April 2007. Among the top acts of the festival are the Guana Batz, Batmobile, Mad Dog Cole, Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen, Mad Sin and the Long Tall Texans. For further information check out...... MENTAL HELL.  
The long awaited FRENZY album Nitro Boy has finally been released. It includes fourteen tracks and was released on their own new formed label Crash Records. For more details check out the official Frenzy home......     FRENZY WORLD
The Billy Invasion part III will be hosted in Quedlinburg, featuring The Tombstone Surfers, Silvertones and Desperado 5 on March 24th 2007. For more info .....         RAZMATAZ .
There´s a new documentary about 80´s Psychobilly available on DVD. The disc is entitled Psychobilly: Behind The Music. It features stories and facts told by some of the scene´s most important figures like Nigel Lewis, Alan Wilson, Steve Whitehouse or Mike Harman. It also includes promo videos and live footage from Frenzy, Sharks, Chuck & The Hulas and the Coffin Nails. Check out your local record dealer or check this....        DVD ORDER.
There´s another new interview online here on Old School Psychobilly. this time I´ve talked with Francois and Marcel from Bang Bang Bazooka....                    CLICK .
Mark "Mad Dog " Cole, lead vocalist on the first three Krewmen longplayers, has resurfaced in the Psychobilly sphere. After his surprisingly request to speak on the Psychobilly Online forum some days ago, he took part in an interview with OleSchoolPsycho. Check it out....        MARK COLE INTERVIEW.   
Hey folks, thanks again for all the incoming e-mails and all the positive response for the TORMENT TRIBUTE. I will answer all your mails! But I´m still looking for more pictures, flyers, your personal experiences, comments  & more facts surrounding Simon Brand and Torment. So if there´s something for use, please contact me .....           TORMENT TRIBUTE.
There´s a brand new interview with Jeroen Haamers from Batmobile here on this web page. We talked about the Klub Foot, his latest side project called Triple Dynamite and future releases from Batmobile...................JEROEN HAAMERS INTERVIEW.
The German Psychobilly pioneers P.O.X.  have finally found a new home in the WWW. The Psychobilly Orchestra X - one of the first outfits of the genre outside the UK-is best known for their mini LP release Voodoo Power and their appearances on the 1st and 2ed Psycho Attack Over Europe compilation albums. Take a  look...     POX.
There´s a website called You Tube where you can watch some very good Psychobilly and Rockabilly videos. It includes bands like The Quakes, Batmobile or The Krewmen. Watch it on ......... YOU TUBE.
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