The Quakes (1988)

Did You think they haven´t Psychobilly in America? You´re wrong! This album is as fast, hard and powerful as any Psychobilly recording ever. It´s loaded with raw energy and featured tons of fan favorites. Highlights: Pack Our Bags And Go, Where Did It Go?, Psycho Attack, Show Me, Psychobilly Jeckyll & Mr Hyde and Satan On My Side .

Voice Of America(1990)

"Voice Of America" is the second straight fantastic album of the Quakes. Though they went a short way back to their Rockabilly roots, this one is still a Psychobilly classic. And Paul Roman proved he ranks with the best guitar players in the scene. The most fantastic song on this one is the Psychobilly/Rockabilly anthem Stick To Your Guns. Other highlights are Puttin' Out The Flame , U.S.A., What Will They Say About Me and the superb cover of the Stones´ Paint It Black.

New Generation(1993)

This album was originally released by Sony and was used for promoting Rockabilly in Japan. It´s an atypical Neobilly release which combines different sounds and musical  influences, like New Wave, Punk Rock or some Adam Ant. Add excellent slap bass play and guitar work and you get one of the most demanding Psychobilly albums ever. Among the highlights is a brilliant cover of  Depeche Mode´s Behind The Wheel. Other highlights are New Generation, Dateless Night, It´s Gone and Now I Wanna.

Quiff Rock(1995)

"Quiff Rock" is the forth studio album of  The Quakes. It´s another solid production from the US-trio. This album offers a huge assortment of different sounds and lyrics too. You maybe need some time to settle in, but "Quiff Rock" is still one of only a few bight spots from the mid-90´s. Highlights: Throw It All Away , Animals, Cool To Be A Punk, Dinosaur In Leather Pants and Die In This Town.

Last Of The Human Beings(2001)

Neorockabilly?Psychobilly? I don´t know for sure, but "Last Of The Human Beings" proves that The Quakes are still alive and are still one of the best rocking acts in the circuit. The band has added some Punkrock to their style, but it´s still The Quakes. They even tried the New Wave classic Killing Moon, which really sounds great as a Neorockabilly track . Highlights: I Don't Come From Nowhere, Wasted, Rockin' Cats, Clone and Future Shock Rock.


This is the latest work from Paul Roman´s creative hotbed for US Psychobilly. The album is a furious blend of different music styles, boosted by those very ambitious lyrics. It includes fourteen tracks plus a hidden bonus song. If you´re a bored with the uniformity of most of  today´s Psychobilly this is the right choice. Highlights: Nothing To Say, USA Psychos, Place Called Today, Send Me An Angel and Lifetime To Go.