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In this section you find a short review about the most important " Old School Psychobilly " albums, EP  releases(7´´/12´´) and my favorite LPs. Of course I´ ve only reviewed records that I can call my own (vinyl/cd/tape).

Green Color = 7´´ and 12 ´´ EPs

Blue Color = albums

I ´m bloody working on adding more 7´´ and 12 ´´ EPs too. Wait for it!

The records are sorted by bands and are in chronological order.

The compilation albums and DVD/ VIDEO section are in alphabetical order.  

In the DVD / Video section I´ve listed VHS video recordings and DVDs  from the different bands.

The tracks that I rate as "highlights " are my personal favs.

I rank these albums / EP releases with my own (new) rating system:

               = standard  = top  =classic  = essential  =legend

           You don´t agree with me? Sorry, but I don´t worry about it!

Welcome Bernd! The addition of free-lance writer Bernd M. gives me the opportunity to add some more reviews sooner than without his help. All reviews are made by wildhank except were credited with :  (written by BM).
Cheers & Beers to Phil Vega$ for his special support of  this section. Thanx for the pix, thank you Vienna!
Missing something? Wait for updates!