Frantic Flintstones





Frantic Flintstones


First official Frantic Flintstones release, distributed by Raucous Records in 1987. Typical 80´s Psychobilly in a highly appreciated way. The song Bedrock was also chosen for the 3ed Psycho Attack Over Europe! album. Track list: Bedrock--Hot Head Baby--Sugar Daddy--Let´s Go Somewhere.

Frantic Flinstones(1989)

Pretty good four track EP from Raucous Records. Classic Psychobilly release from the late eighties that  features two well known cover versions of Just Because and Old Black Joe. Track list: Old Black Joe-- Alcohol Buzz-- 44-- Just Because.

A Nightmare On Nervous(1988)

This is Old School Psychobilly at his best. Take an incredible hard slapping double bass,  Chuck Harvey ´s pure energy plus sensational changes of speed , add lyrics loaded with humor, horror and Psycho and you get the "Nightmare On Nervous". It features a couple of Psychobilly classics too. Highlights: Monte Carlo Or Bust, 44, Ally Cat King, Red Chevy and What The Hell.

Rockin Out(1988)

"Rockin Out " was the first release of the Flintstones with Link Records. It includes 8 tracks and covers a huge musical background. It featured  Jazz & Blues elements as well as pure Psychobilly. Highlights: One Night Stand, Hot Head Baby, Chuck Blows A Fuse and Let´s Go Somewhere.

Not Christmas Album(1989)

This one is loaded with cover versions (though they are renamed sometimes), including three x-mas tunes. It starts with the brilliant Frantic (Madness) and ends with a Psychobilly Old Black Joe. In between you found  a sax, a banjo and a lot of fun. This is "Not Christmas Album", this is definitively "all the year round". Other highlights are  Wider Road To HellNecro Blues, Just Because and Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me.

Yahbahdahbahdoo! (1989)

Great mini album from the Flintstones, released by Kix4U on 12´´ vinyl. It´s loaded with six killer tracks from the early Frantic Flintstones, which make the album a real stand out. It also includes two different recordings of early fan favourite Hot Head Baby. Other highlights are Alley Cat King, Let´s Go Somewhere and a splendid version of  Sugar Daddy

Jamboree (1993)

Amazing album from Chuck Harvey and his Frantic . The album was issued by Anagram containing twenty wild rocking tracks. And if  there´s something like a typical FF album, Jamboree comes close. Melodic Neobilly, great sound-Gaz Day back on the doghouse bass-and weird lyrics, simply one of the best recordings from the mid-90´s. It´s also the first Flintstones album that features ex-Shark Alan Wilson as their producer. The album was also released on 12´´ vinyl-carrying only 12 tracks- and was renamed Ravin´ With The Lunatics.   Highlights: Love For A Nutter (Brainstorm Babee), Your Time Is Up, Diablo, Lunatics Are Raving, Oh 898 and Candyman.

Enjoy Yourself (1994)

This is the second release from the FF with Anagram Records, but not quite as good as the forerunner. The album suffered from short-term lineup changes and a lack of rehearsals. Between the songs some radio spots were used as intermediates. The album´s title track has become a regular in the the FF´s live set. Highlights: Enjoy Yourself, Cradle Baby, You Don´t Love Me Anymore, Tip On My Tongue and  Up Your Nose

The X-Ray Sessions (1996)

This is a sixteen track album, that includes songs from jam sessions that were recorded at X-Ray studios in 1992 and 1993 and were originally not planned for release. The sessions feature-beside Chuck Harvey and Alan Wilson- musicians like Gary Day, Ritchie Taylor and Paul Hodges. The album is a grandiose mix of Hillbilly/ Rockabilly covers and own stuff that was written by Harvey and Wilson. Highlights: Unfortunate Jack, Today Is Blue, Roses Are Blooming, Lunatics Are Raving and Chop Chop, Slash Slash.

Rock It Boy (2000)

This time Chuck and the boys give us a lesson in the history of Rock `n´ Roll. They cover and stomp their way through Sun Rockabillies, Ricky Nelson, Hank Williams and The Clash. The songs were originally recorded in the years from 1991-1993. Highlights: You Call Everybody Darling, Your Cheatin´ Heart, Sweet Baby Doll, Jimmy Jazz and Broken Heart.

Champagne 4 All !(2003)

This is the latest Flintstones album, recorded at Alan Wilson´s Western Star Studios in 2003. It includes 12 original Flintstones songs (look for hidden bonus stuff) and combines a nice mix of hard rockin´ Psychobilly, catchy melodies and these Muh lyrics. This one is really extra brut! Highlights: Retarded, Champagne 4 All!, Bugs Bunny, Jack It Up and Prophet Of  Doom.