Sharks, The

Bitch Attack(1994)

Great 4 track EP from the re-formed Sharks, originally pressed on 12´´ red vinyl. It contains two out-takes from the "Recreational Killer " sessions and two new tracks. Tracklist: Bitch Attack--Mudman--Dealer--Schizoid Man.

Sir Psycho(1996)

The 7´´ vinyl EP was distributed by Fury Records. The tracks were performed by the original Sharks lineup and were recorded on one day. Tracklist: Sir Psycho--Cold Heart--Side-show Freak--Between Two Worlds.

Short Shark Shock (2005)

The six track MCD includes 6 original demos from the Sharks that features the original lineup- before the arrival of Paul Hodges and Steve Whitehouse- with Alan Wilson and Kevin & Paul Hancock. The songs were recorded more than 25 years ago. Tracklist: Mean Mr Shark-- Space Man Rock N Roll--Honey Don´t --Slap Bass Billy--Sweet Love On My Mind--Mean Mr Shark ( Version #2).



Phantom Rockers(1983)

The first vinyl release of the Sharks featured a teenager named Steve Whitehouse on the double bass. "Phantom Rockers" is a milestone for the development of Psychobilly/ Neorockabilly music. It includes all their early classics. Highlights: Moon Stomp, Take A Razor To Your Head, Phantom Rockers and Charlie.

First & Last (1988)

This live album contains parts of two essential Sharks gigs from their very beginning. The first side is a more Rockabilly orientated cut from their first important performance, the other side is a more wilder appearance, that is known as their last gig before the first split of the band. Strange, but true the longplayer was released five years later after the live recording. Highlights: We Say Yeah!, Moonstomp, Ghost Train and Chainsaw Charlie

Ruff Stuff (1994)

This is a collection of demos and outtakes from the "Recreational Killer" era. The reformed Sharks featured Gary Day on double bass at the time. The album is also available as Picture Disc and CD re-release with different sleeve designs and tracklists. It includes two splendid re-recordings of the Sharks classics Deathrow and Take A Razor To Your Head. Other highlights are Schizoid Man, Scratchin´ My Way Out and Recreational Killer.  

Bitch Attack(2001)

This CD features the complete "Sir Psycho" and "Bitch Attack" EPs plus some previously unissued tracks, including some live performances. Very essential  collection of this (in)famous British Psychobilly act, because most of the songs are otherwise hard to find these days. The album includes 16 songs, highlighted by Bitch Attack and Schizoid Man. Other highlights are Dealer, My Neighbour´s Garden( with ex-Flintstones´ Gary Day (v/b) )and Sir Psycho.