Tall Boys





Tall Boys

Island Of lost Souls (1982)

First release of the Tall Boys. The 7´´ single was issued by Big Beat at the time when the original Meteors have split. The line up on the A-side is Lewis (b, g, v) and Woodie (d). Another Half Hour Till Sunrise includes Mr. Fenech himself on guitar. Both  tracks were also added as bonus tracks on the Meteors´ Teenagers From Outer Space re-release on CD. Tracklist: Island Of Lost SoulsAnother Half Hour Till Sunrise.

Final Kick (1985)

This is another popular Big Beat single release of the Tall Boys. Final Kick was released as classic two track 7´´ single as well as four track 12´´ vinyl. It also was the most successful Tall Boys single, reaching  #10 of the UK Independent Chart. Tracklist: Final Kick-- Interceptor --Dragster-- Action Woman.

Wednesday Addams´ Boyfriend (1984)

This is the popular six track mini LP of Nigel Lewis´ 3ed Psychobilly related outfit. The sound of the tracks is this very Garage orientated Psychobilly with some throw-ins of Gothic and 60´s Beat. These are Lewis´ first recordings after he has stopped the Escalators thing.  The album was also a massive hit, reaching the Top 10 of the UK Independent Chart. Highlights: Feel It, The Baron, Through A Glass and Beast On The Moor

Funtime (1998)

Funtime was released 12 years after the band´s split in 1986 by Ace Records. It contains the complete works of the Tall Boys from the years 1984-1986, including all the A- and B-sides of their singles, the mini LP, two handful of demo recordings and the track Take A Walk, which was exclusively produced for the soundtrack of the horror movie Return Of The Living Dead. Essential disc of one of the most influential Garage Psycho outfits of the eighties. Highlights: The Baron, Beast On the Moor, Final Kick, Ride This Torpedo, Take A Walk, Brand New Gun and The Fang (Demo) .